Property Search in Provence

Property Search in Provence

Based in London and Provence

We will provide you with a complete solution to enable you to realize and enjoy your dream home in Provence. Saving you time and money, you will be secure in the knowledge that you will be working with people who have local knowledge of prices, processes and properties. We start with a no obligation meeting in London or Provence to identify what you are looking for. We then produce a detailed search brief that outlines the most suitable areas and housing styles. The next step is to view the properties. We can arrange for private flights and accommodation or fit in with your travel plans. When you find the property that meets your needs you will benefit from our experience and local knowledge when negotiating the purchase of your property.

Fees are on a fixed price basis and are not based on the property price. This is so that we can truly represent your interests, free from any other agendas. The initial meeting is free. There is then a charge of 1000 to start the search and then a fee of 1000 on successful completion of the purchase of the property.

Step by step:

Initial conversation over the telephone
Find out more about what we do and how we can help you. If appropriate, arrange a meeting.

No obligation meeting
We will meet you in a convenient location in London or Provence. This is very often at or near your place of work or at your home.

View area and properties
We can fit in with your travel plans or organise private flights and accommodation for you. Provence is a large area and has a variety of location styles. Once a suitable location has been identified, it is usual to spend a day being shown round the area. This involves providing an overview of the property values and styles as well as showing what the area has to offer in terms of the amenities and attractions.

Detailed search
Once we have a clear idea of where you are interested in buying we are able to get involved in a more detailed pro-active search. We are able to take advantage of our contacts with estate agents, developers and private owners. This very often gives you access to properties before they are advertised on the open market.

Property viewings
Arranged at your convenience, we can collect you from the airport and accompany you to the property viewings, going over the positive and negative aspects of each property and location.

Our services are usually self funding with the savings that you make on the purchase price of the property. Our local knowledge will enable you to make informed decisions about price and tactics.

We can help you through the contractual process of buying in France. This is done in conjunction with English speaking Notaries qualified for the conveyancing of properties in France.

After you have bought the property
Our involvement doesn't need to stop once you have been handed over the keys to the property. We can support you from setting up amenities to looking after your property whilst you are away. If need be we can also help you market your property for short term rentals.

Contact: +44 (0)20 8144 8128 or +33 (0)6 27 71 38 98